We made the club!

I got the best kind of surprise in the mail today. Unexpected wine!! We signed up for the De La Montanya mailing list while in the Sonoma area. Sadly, at the time, the wine club was completely full, as it is limited to 1,000 members due to the fact that De La Montanya only makes around 3,500 cases of wine a year. However, the very nice and helpful associate told us that if we put our names on the mailing list we could be on the waiting list for the club. They wouldn’t actually inform us when or if we were made members, wine would just arrive at our door. And today it did and I’m very happy!

The wines at De La Montanya were my favorite that I tasted on our whole vaction. I loved everything about this winery. The grounds are gorgeous, wines are fantastic and the people were so friendly. So in addition to being very excited about being in the club and being kept in supply of these wines, I now have 6 more wonderful wines to enjoy in the near future.

White Wine and Chinese Food

I’m not feeling at the top of my game today, so instead of breaking into an expensive bottle, we decided to continue into our stash of “quest for everyday wine” bottles. I also didn’t feel like cooking so we ordered in some Chinese food from a local place we hadn’t tried before. Very tasty food and we will order again (I love free delivery).

The wine was a 2005 Vinum Cellars Chard-No-Way Chenin Blanc from Wilson Vineyards. Clarksburg, CA. Another screw-cap, but thankfully easier to open than the last two. 13% alcohol by volume and cost us $11.99 at Unwined.

Holy lime Batman! I taste tons of lime and the nose of the wine on being poured knocked me back with the citrus. A very dry Chenin Blanc, with a very acidic finish. But lime all the way. Interesting choice with the Chinese, I’d probably stick with a white, but probably not this one the next time we had Chinese, the match wasn’t quite right.

It was easy to drink and for $11.99 I think I’ll try another bottle when I’m feeling better and maybe I’ll get something other than lime, but then again, my husband agrees with me on the lime/citrusy assessment, but says he thinks he might taste a hint of green apple as well.

Visiting Virginia Vineyards

We ventured into Northern Virginia wine country last weekend and stopped at 4 vineyards in the Leesburg area. Our third stop of the day was Lost Creek Vineyards.

We tasted 5 wines here. They were sold out of several others already, which was disappointing, I wanted to taste their Spring Time wine which I have heard good things about. Perhaps next vintage.

Lost Creek has a large tasting bar, which was great considering the crowd that arrived after us. We decided to stop for a light lunch while visiting and the staff was very accomodating. They make bread on site, so we had hot fresh bread, cheddar cheese and a summer sausage with a glass of Rose each. The staff brought us out two carving boards, napkins and a knife and delivered our bread to our little table. Very nice. We enjoyed our visit and this should be a great place to visit in the summer, the terrace looked inviting.

They charge a tasting fee, but it is refunded with a bottle purchase. We took home a bottle of the Rose and drank it tonight. I paired it with pasta and tomato sauce I made this weekend. A rose wouldn’t normally be my choice for tomato sauce, but, it was chilled, so why not?

The pasta sauce actually helped this wine by giving it a bit of a tart finish. My first sip was before I ate and I smelled candied fruit. I tasted very sweet raspberries and overripe strawberries. Very very sweet. After the sauce, the finish was a little tart and was easier for me to drink. Not a bad wine, but a little too sweet for me. My husband likes it a lot.