Tart n’ Tangy

Leftovers again last night. I’m still not feeling so great, so I haven’t been cooking. Thankfully there were lots of leftovers from last week.

Anyway. The wine for last night was a 2005 Felta Creek Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc from De La Montanya. And the title says it all. This wine was tart and tangy. Crisp, with lots of citrus on the nose (continuing in the theme of Weekend ‘o Citrus).

I’m offering this wine as an option for Thanksgiving and I’m glad I tasted it again. I still think it’s a good bottle, but I think it will do really well with Thanksgiving dinner. It’s so crisp and acidic that I think it will be a good match with all the creamy potatoes, yams, casseroles, etc. It should be a great palate cleanser. We shall see if anyone selects this as one of the wines for the meal. Pretty good deal for the price.

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