I need to wash my mouth out!

No, not with soap silly, well actually…..really, with anything that will get this sweet sweet sweet syrup taste out of my mouth.

I’ve been trying to find a bottle of sparkling wine that I want to review for WBW on December 13. Thus, I’ve been drinking more than my share of sparkling wines. This is the second one I’ve tasted. I haven’t blogged about the first because it’s still in the running for my WBW entry.

This was a Beviamo Moscato D’Asti. I picked it up for $8.99 at World Market. The beverage specialist said it was a sweet wine, but easy to drink. My thoughts: Well, for nine bucks I’ll give it a shot.

NO!!! Don’t do it. It was not easy to drink. In fact, I think I was making a face the whole time I was drinking this wine. It was just too sweet. I think the proper term is that it was cloying. It lacked any structure to tame the overwhelming sweetness of the syrup in the bottle. Overripe peaches with some apricot were the fruits I smelled. I just couldn’t get past the sweet taste to actually distinguish anything in the mouth. It also wasn’t that fizzy. NMS.

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  1. ewww. I’m sorry you got awful wine!

    I have sent this blog to FI and he is excited about trying some of the wines you have recommended!

    You are so cool!!


  2. I’m sorry it sucked. When you first mentioned sparkling shiraz my first thought was “blech” but I wanted to be wrong because a good sparkling red would be fantastic for a gift for a New Year’s party.

  3. Eb, this wasn’t the sparkling shiraz!!


    We’re going to try that tomorrow. This is a sweet white Italian sparkling wine. I’ll let you know how the shiraz is soon!

  4. A friend who is a long-time wine enthusiast recommended the Beviamo Moscato D’Asti to me as a dessert wine.

    All of the people who sampled the wine at my home were pleasantly surprised, despite its sweetness. My next-door neighbor purchased several bottles for his parents’ anniversary party.

    I’m glad to see this wine’s popularity increasing, as it’s becoming easier to find in stores. I no longer have to travel across town to purchase it from a pricey wine shop.

  5. I actually like it

  6. My wife really likes it alot, and I am currently looking for a place to purchase some for her.

  7. wow. I, including most of the guests @ my party, loved this wine. I only had 4 oz. of this wine while everyone else finished it!

  8. I like this wine. It isn’t too sweet for my taste at all. I love the look of the bottle too!

  9. Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good posts

  10. I really enjoyed this wine; it had a great taste for a dessert wine. So as for your post… its all a matter of opinion… So, touch up on your tasting abilities.

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