Visions of Sugar Plums

I was trying again to find a wine to review for WBW #28. Tonight we turned to a bottle of 2005 Voulet (with an oomlat on the “u”) Antichi Giochi Piemontesi, Casorzo.

And yet again, I don’t want this one to be my entry for WBW. I really wanted something different, and I thought this one might fit the bill. And I will admit, it was different, but not quite what I was looking for.

The bottle had a cork closure, was 5% alcohol by volume and cost me $11.99 at the Curious Grape. The wine is produced in Italy.

It was awful with our dinner. The dinner was a very thick steak rubbed with fresh rosemary, broccoli and purple mashed potatoes. The wine was way too sweet for dinner and tasted terrible. I stopped drinking and stuck it back in the fridge.

Took it back out after dinner (nice and chilled) and had it with some dark chocolate. And that made it taste pretty good to me, though Matt preferred it on its on.

As far as being an entry for WBW, it was really not sparkling. It fizzed the teensiest little bit upon pouring and that was it. So I did not find it worthy, but still wanted to write about it in another post.

The title of the post results from the fact that I thought the wine tasted like candied plums, and it’s almost Christmas, so visions of sugar plums dancing in my head seemed appropriate.

Tasty for a non-syrupy red dessert wine. Serve it with chocolate, or it probably would have done really well with my chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce that I served for dessert to our company last weekend. Also, make sure it’s cold, unless you really enjoy sweet wines. It was just too sweet for me when it warmed up a bit.

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  1. Please add some detail about the purple potatoes, for the uninitiated.

  2. Ah Brent, if only it was a cooking blog. Though by some appearances it might be since I seem pretty inclined to photograph the food I make.

    Anywho, the purple potatoes are from Peru. Heehee, purple Peruvian potatoes, how’s that for alliteration? They sell them in the potato section of our Harris Teeter grocery store (yes, there is a whole potato section). I’ve found they actually make great mashed potatoes as they come up smooth and creamy. Plus, they make a great presentation on the plate with the splash of bright color!

  3. Sonadora–

    You were right to pair this wine with chocolate. I recommend the darkest chocolate you can find– perhaps a Valrhona with minimum 70% cocoa….

    In any event, I see you blog out of Virginia, which is where I used to live before moving to NC. I have been desperately searching for the exact bottle you wrote about (label and all!!!). Can you let me know where you purchased it, and perhaps whether or not they ship? Thanks!

  4. Philip, happy to help and thanks for reading! I bought this bottle at the Curious Grape in Shirlington, VA. This is their website: [url][/url] You can call them at 703-671-870. I honestly do not know if they ship since I have not had to ship any wine lately. Good luck!

  5. I actually loved this wine all by itself. It’s great for lounging around and haveing a glass. I am unable to locate it in PA. I was wondering if you would be able to recommend something similar to this. I enjoy the sweetness with the slight fizz.

    Thank You,


  6. Hi Cindy-

    I haven’t had anything similar in a red variety. In a white, there’s a Vihno Verde from Portugal that is slightly fizzy and sometimes sweet. I also had another slightly fizzy white that I really liked recently here:

    If I run across anything like this particular fizzy red, I will certainly post about it!

  7. I actually tried the wine at friends home and really enjoyed it. I’m trying to find it online to purchase. Can you help identify a website to fine it ? I’ve been looking which is what got me to your site. Thanks so much. Pam

  8. Its me again, Pam. I found the Curious Grape in Arlington. Thanks anyway.

  9. Hi american friends!

    Ofcourse it tastes awfull with a steak.

    Ever tried to drink a Primitivo with an icecream….?

    It is a desertwine, one of the better ones in EU!

    Have fun!


  10. Interesting comments. However, I loved it. But I am hardly a wine connoisseur but it was very nice and it didn’t get me drunk. A little too sweet, like you say. But I’ve been looking for it here in Detroit after I found a bottle in Washington DC. So thanks for your help.


  11. The distributor in VA is Michael R. Downey Selections. Great outfit. They may be able to give people contact info. for they winery in order to see if the wine is distributed in a particular state. I believe the Downeys only distribute in the Commonwealth, however.

  12. I found this at Whole Foods in Reston, VA

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