Culinary Fool Rounds up the Sparklers!

Wow, that was incredibly fast! There seem to be a ton of entries for WBW #28 and the Culinary Fool has already managed to get the summaries of all of them up. You can find the posts here and here.

It looks like people tasted a ton of different things, with many great values to be had. I was a touch disappointed that no one like the Rumball Sparkling Shiraz, both the Culinary Fool and another blogger tasted it. I had thought it was a fun and fruity sparkler. Oh well, goes to show everyone likes something a bit different.

In perfect time for the holiday though, there are now reviews of a great variety of sparkling wines to be used to grace any festivity. Enjoy! Again, many thanks to the Culinary Fool for hosting and for being so prompt with the summary. I’m very glad I got to participate!


2003 Quivira Syrah

We found Quivira while we were out driving on our honeymoon. I was driving since I could get a better rate on the rental car and Matt was navigating. He insisted that we were driving to nowhere, there were no vineyards on that far out on the road we were on. I persisted and we came upon Quivira. (I love being right.) It was a slow day at the vineyard, on what I believe was a Wednesday. We had plenty of time to chat with the tasting room server and learn about Quivira’s wines and history. We enjoyed the wines so much that we signed up for the club and have been very pleased with the wines we’ve received.

Last night we grabbed a glass of the 2003 Syrah before heading out to dinner. Again, I really wish I remembered to decant more often. I really think this wine would have benefitted from decanting for a bit. On that first glass, the flavors were really tight and difficult for me to pick out, but I got a strong sense of roasted meat and pepper. After dinner we had the second glass and the wine had aired (albeit in the bottle) for the hour or so that we were gone. This is a very earthy wine. A little bit of oak and big earthy flavors. I got a bit of dark fruit, plums, black cherries, currants, as the wine opened up some more.