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I was browsing on Pinot Blogger last night and saw that Josh had a post up about the sale of Roshambo’s tasting facility. I hadn’t caught the article in the news, so I was happy to get a heads up. We joined the Roshambo Party Army while we were visiting the winery this summer.

You can read all about it on the Roshamblog. For the time being, they will be operating out of an RV, which sounds incredibly interesting. I hope we make it back out that way to see it in operation. There have been a few articles in the Press Democrat about the news. You can also read some more over on Fermentation.

I hope this means even better things for Roshambo in the future. They were a ton of fun to visit and make some great and intersting wines. Best of luck to them!


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  1. Hey Wannabe Wino. It’s Scott, the resident Roshamblogger and I’d just like to thank you for your support and kind words on your blog. It’s much appreciated. And yes, I think it will be an interesting transition. The RV should be amazing. It’s in the middle of its metamorphosis from a regular RV to something that has our stamp. Thanks again.

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