A Toast to Roshambo!

In honor of their new venture, we broke open a bottle of 2005 ‘The Obvious” Sauvignon Blanc. Cork closure and was somewhere around $15.

Crisp and clean flavors. Very citrusy and tart. That’s not a bad thing to me though. I love tarty wines. Some melon flavors too. Yum! Good mineral flavors and a lingering finish. An all around fun glass to drink. I imagine seafood and a summer day.

So raise a glass, and join me in wishing Roshambo the best of luck with their Roshambus!

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  1. You post a TON!

    I bought a wine yesterday (keeping in mind I know less about wines than I do about…anything) there’s a wine store within walking distance of my place that has TONS of wines, so I asked the guy for something really sweet (because Dab bought a super sweet wine a while back that I liked) It’s called Duplin, it’s a Hatteras Red Muscadine Wine. Here’s hoping! I’ll let you know.

    Dab’s previous bottle was actually a Muscadine wine from Myrtle Beach.

  2. Thanks for reading Mab!

    I’m glad that you have found something that you enjoy. I’ve only ever had a white muscadine wine, I haven’t seen a red. You’ll find that most are very sweet and are often served as dessert wines.

    How’d the Hatteras turn out?

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