WBW #29-Biodynamic Wine

Ack, it’s here already! I feel like I just finished WBW #28. This month will be hosted by Fork and Bottle and we are being asked to drink a biodynamically (can I make that a word please?) produced wine. Now, I don’t know much about biodynamic wines. I’m about 99% positive that I have never had one. From what I do understand, it has to do with harvest cycles and the moon and all aspects of the environment working in harmony or some such thing. So I guess this week will find me visiting old haunts again to hunt down a biodynamic bottle. And reading a bit more so that I have a better understanding of what exactly I’m drinking. I can only hope that it doesn’t take me as long to find one I’m happy with reviewing as it did for WBW #28. Pick a wine, drink it and send a review in by January 17 if you want to participate.


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  1. Well, you’ve had at least one wine that was made from biodynamically grown grapes (well, they were one year into it)…Quivera. A quote from their website:

    “That project led to a deeper environmental commitment across the entire estate, and in 2002 Quivira began to farm organically and biodynamically. In November of 2005 Quivira was awarded their certification and is now an officially certified organic and biodynamic vineyard.”

  2. I stand corrected then! Though I don’t think they’ve yet had a release that is certified biodynamic. The newest bottle we have from them is from 2004. I would guess that when their 2005s are released, they would count!

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