How much is too much?

I’ve had several friends and family members comment to me that I post quite frequently on my blog. It doesn’t sound like they are criticizing me, but it made me stop and think. A good balance has to exist between posting so much on a blog that content gets lost in a constant flow of new posts and posting so little that you have lost the interest of your audience.

Personally, I have trouble remaining focused on anything if the content isn’t frequently new. I get bored fairly easily and so when I see blogs that haven’t updated in a month or only update every few weeks, I tend to not return to those, even though the content may be great when they do update. Perhaps, as has been suggested by several people I know, I just have adult ADD. Or, I’ll go with my more logical explanation, which is that my attention span got shot to hell this summer when studying for the bar. I simply have no patience for anything that moves slowly anymore.

I also get really disappointed when a blog pops up as having new content and then it turns out that it doesn’t. And I’m frustrated that since my blog was listed as down yesterday, it hasn’t been caught again as updated, despite the fact that I’ve made a few decent sized posts. I think I’m crabby today and should just go back to bed.

So the question remains, what is a good frequency with which to update a blog?

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  1. As a fellow blogger and someone with a clear case of ADD, I would say that I seek out blogs that are updated frequently. The Pour is one of the few that I don’t mind infrequent postings.

    Great job.

  2. Thanks John! I appreciate the feedback. I’m having a lot of fun with the blogging thing and I’ve certainly enjoyed reading Brim to the Dregs. I did see your post on those two books today, which actually prompted me to post my shopping list!

  3. I think you should post when you feel inspired to say something.

  4. Good questions. I think the important thing is that you’re regular. If you post once a week then your readers know to check once a week for an update. I think Elizabeth’s right, its important that you really have something you want to say. And don’t forget Blogger’s helpful draft function–you can jot down ideas as they come to you and work them up when you’re inspired to do so.

    As for the updating thing, not to worry. This will work itself out and I actually check your site once a day cause its on my blogroll. I know lots of people use Wine Blog Watch or Wine Blog List, or rely on subscription services, but very few of them are 100% accurate and your loyal following will be checking in anyway.

    You’re doing a terrific job, as John says, and I love your honest, open-ended approach to wine. Great reading!

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