It’s Juicy!

And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Tonight’s bottle was a Mauritson 2004 Zinfandel. Real cork, 15.1% alcohol by volume (or 15.5% if you read Mauritson’s website?) and cost us $27 minus a club discount.

Quite different from the 2003 Mauritson Zinfandel I tasted here. It’s not jammy this time, but juicy. Big mouthfuls of strawberries and blackberries. I swear a hint of vanilla on the nose, though Matt completely disagrees. The big alcohol in this one doesn’t bother me as it’s easily countered and covered by the fruit. A little scent and taste of oak, but not overpowering or offensive at all. And I remembered to decant! I got none of the peppery taste of the 03 and none of the initial alcohol scent, though the decanting might have helped that. This just tastes good and worked really well with the beef strouganoff I made for dinner. Excellent finish, with a good lingering mouth taste. I have another bottle. I wonder if I keep it around for a bit if it will show some of the jam that the 03 does?
My mouth is watering looking at the purple inky color of the wine in this picture. It was seriously a delicious bottle of wine and really easy to drink.


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  1. Great blog!
    Would you dare to rate each of the wines you taste on a scale say from 1 to 5 or any other scale you choose (A+ through F) ?
    — Jonas

  2. Thanks for visiting Jonas. I’ve mulled over rating wines, and at this point it just doesn’t work for me. I’m hoping to let the reader get a sense of what I thought of the wine through my review. If I’m not doing that, let me know and I’ll try to step it up a bit!

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