Nothing says klassy like bubbly and ham and cheese quesadillas!

Well, I’ve heard sparkling wine is good for any occassion….and since we were headed out last night to a local restaurant we wanted a snack before we left. It seemed only logical to have some bubbly to go with our ham and cheese (and tomato for Matt) quesadillas.

Last night’s choice was a bottle of Trentadue California Champagne, made in the method Charmat…which means iwth secondary fermentation before it was bottled. This was 11% alchol by volume, had a traditional champagne closure and cost us $18 at Trentadue this summer.
11% alcohol

In the glass, as you can hopefully see, were a ton of nice little bubble, though bigger than champagne method bubbles as in the bottle of Roederer we had last week. In the mouth, this was a slightly dry taste, but no so much that I would call is a dry sparkler. I could also taste just a little bit of yeast in the mouth, along with a slight flavor of tropical fruit. On the nose, it was floral and tropical fruits. I thought this wasa great value for the price and certainly something different.

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