Cooking with Wine

As an actual ingredient and not just as something I sip while cooking. I use wine in certain dishes. Tomato sauce, certain creamy chicken dishes, as a marinade for a roast, fondue, some stews, but not in much else. I’ve been contemplating using it more often lately and am very interested in finding recipes that focus on wine. As such, I’ve been thinking about purchasing the book The Wine Lover Cooks with Wine. Do any of you own this one? Not sure how Matt would feel about another cookbook though, as I did just get the Joy of Cooking, The Glorious Soups and Stews of Italy, a cookbook his family made, one his Uncle’s company made and one from his grandmother’s collection.

Any thoughts on this one? Or, if you’d like to share a favorite recipe with me that inovles wine, I’d love to give it a spin! I’ll even post pictures of the results.

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  1. Hi, Sonadora. I have the Italian book in that series, but not the general one you mention. I like the Italian wine/cooking book a lot, especially because it gives great info on wine regions and varietals (maybe Italy will be in my 2008 New Year’s Resolutions!) and gives many options other than the pasta-red sauce-sangiovese rut that I seem to get into.

  2. Good to know Dr. Debs! I’ll check that one out too. I hadn’t realized that it was a series!

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