The Bag of Corks

Now, I would hazard a guess that many an avid wine drinker finds themselves, at one time or another with a bag of corks. Or a box, or perhaps, as was the case in my last apartment, an entire drawer. For whatever the reason, I think many of us just don’t want to throw the corks away. This is a picture of our bag of corks. It currently resides on top of our wine fridge. At the moment, it is not as alarmingly full as it once was, since over the summer I did this to our corks in order to make placecards for our wedding. At the time, I wasn’t sure I would have enough. The joke was on me. After making over one hundred of these placecards for our wedding, I still had a bag of corks. And that bag has not gotten any smaller in size over the course of the fall. So today I went and bought this corkboard kit at the Curious Grape. I first saw one back in the day at the Williamsburg Winery and thought it was pretty darn nifty which is why I had all the corks in the first place. Then I thought it would be much more fun to use them at the wedding since they were all bottles we had consumed at one point or another over the previous 3 years. (I’m really not sure that says great things about our consumption habits, but hey, I was a law student at the time, does that give me a good enough excuse?) Personal touch and whatnot. Plus we put half bottles of wine in all the welcome bags at the hotel, so it was kind of going on a theme or something.

Which brings us to today’s purchase. The kit says you need around 200 corks. Which will probably leave me with around 200 extras. So what to do with the rest? I did see a creative idea this year. My mom sent me a reindeer ornament made of corks. It was quite cute, and clearly thought up by someone who has a creative gene I am missing. Oh well. Anyone need a cork trivet? Or twelve? And please, tell me I’m not the only nut that saves wine corks. And if I am, lie to me, I promise, I won’t hold it against you! I’ll take a picture of the finished product, hopefully I won’t hotglue a cork to myself.

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  1. Your not a nut until you insist on keeping them in chronological order!
    Keep up the great work on your blog, and thanks for the link.


  2. I’ve got a bag, too, don’t worry. Just need to buy a frame to fill. Another idea– a wreath for Christmas.

  3. Thanks Edward! I’m certianly not that crazy yet, I can’t even imagine the time it would take(not to mention the space) to keep corks in that kind of order!

    Hmm, Farley, a Christmas wreath? I’m trying to picture this. Perhaps I ought to get through the corkboard first given my severe lack of skills in the arts and crafts department!

  4. Check out how the Wine Chicks decorated their Christmas tree–maybe you don’t want to put all of them in frames quite yet…

    And you win the crafty award for the placeholders. What did you use for the feet? I’m going to steal that idea…

  5. I’ve thought about making one of those; it sounds fun, though it would take me longer than you to save up enough corks.

  6. Dr. Debs, I used these square pushpin type things called brads. I got them at the Paper Source in their scrapbooking section. I pushed 4 into the bottom of each cork, 2 at each end, and then my dad sliced the tops with a dremel tool in order to make the slot for the placecard.

    Brent, want some corks? We just finished putting ours together and there are still well over 200 corks in the bag.

  7. Sona, I saw a great cork wreath at a local restaurant…I remember commenting on it to dh. I’ll see if I can find a picture somewhere for you.

  8. Thanks Roz!

  9. Sona,

    You are not nuts, I have two wine buckets filled with wine corks too..
    Good ideas on what to do with them.
    Do let me know if you have more ideas! Cheers!

    If you link my blog on your site, I will be much appreciated too!

  10. Hi Desmond! Thanks for visiting. I’ll definetly keep people posted on what I’m doing with my wine corks. It seems a constant problem for me since we drink so much wine, the supply of corks is neverending. I’d be happy to link up to you!

  11. Classic post and one that left a smile on my face:-) I’m usually a minimalist, but for some reason, I feel an emotional bond with my corks.

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