Wine Cork Wreath

Thanks to Farley of Wine Outlook for the idea of a wine cork wreath. And to Roz of Beadimus for searching out this picture for me. This actually looks pretty cool and I think it will be my next wine cork project (considering it will probably take me until next Christmas to actually finish it…..). Plus, I think I will need quite a few corks to actually make this look good or else it might look a touch skimpy….I wonder what other things are out there that people have come up with to do with their corks? I’ve seen a table top, the standard corkboard kits, trivets and trays from Wine Enthusiast and of course the cork reindeer ornament my mom found this season. Not to mention my placecards of course. 🙂

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  1. I thought of it because of this restaurant where I used to work. When I went there over my trip home (for a delicious meal), it was up again, and missing a quite a few corks, which it has for while, which drove me CRAZY when I worked there.

  2. You should be able to score corks at any tasting room, just ask the staff for what they have.

  3. Oh, Farley that would drive me nuts too….especially in a restaurant where there are lots of corks, easy to fix!

    El Jefe, I have done that before…which was very evident while making the corkboard as I would run into a ton of corks from one place!

  4. PLease let me know how to make one of these. I tried a couple of years ago after seeing one at a winery but the corks kept falling off as I worked my way around the wreath.

  5. Blogger seems to screen out Typepad blogs so I’m here.

  6. Welcoem Barbara! It seems to have screened out your link, so I will post back to you here in hopes that you will visit again. I gather that the trick is use a base wreath and cover it with corks, rather than try to build your own out of just corks. Did you use a hot glue gun? If that didn’t work I will try to think of the name of the glue I used to help with my placecards, it was excellent for holding stuff in place. And when I get around to starting one, I will certainly display my progress.

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