Virginia Winery Suggestions?

We were talking last night about what we want to do on Monday since we have the day off from work. Matt suggested a trip to visit more winieries in Virginia. We don’t want to go too far from home this time, so within an hour and a half of Arlington please!

Last time we ventured out we stopped out Tarara, Willowcraft, Lost Creek and Hiddenbrook. We’ve also been to the Williamsburg Winery at least a dozen times, though that’s farther than we want to go on Monday!

I’m thinking maybe Chrysalis Vinyeards and Swedenburg Wines in Middleburg, VA, but if you have suggestions that would be in a bit more of a cluster (or ones we could visit on that trip) that would be great. Ideally, we would hit 3 or 4 in the course of a day. Hopefully one would have light lunch fare available, or else be near a town with food options.

I appreciate any and all suggestions. Even if it’s a completely different area than what I currently have in mind. Thanks!

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  1. Dezel

    Hello Sonadora,

    You could consider starting out at Breaux in Loudoun County (beautiful area) and working your way back home by visiting Hillsborough (spectacular views), Windham, Waterford and Village Winery (if opened on Monday) and the oldest in Loudoun, Loudoun Valley Vineyards. Willowcroft is also in the general area. These are all clustered and not difficult to get to. I should have pictures of most of these from visits on the right side of my page. Have a great time! You guys can always stop by Tuskies for lunch while out there. I believe that is one of Cellar Blog’s top restaurants in the area. I sure enjoyed my visit there.

    Happy Sipping!


  2. Thanks for the tips Dezel. I will check out those vineyards today to see what hours they have on Monday. It should be a good day, we haven’t done VA wine country since late September/early October.

  3. You can find some good vineyards in the Charlottesville area. In particular, Del Fosse is a nice place with good wine, good people and some nice woodland hiking trails. They are about 12 miles south of Interstate 64 on Route 29.

  4. Thanks for visiting Win! I like the Charlottesville suggestion. I’ve never been out that way but my friends who went to UVA Law tell me it’s lovely. I think we will do that this spring when it’s nicer, especially to take advantage of the hiking trails (since it is supposed to be gross and rainy all this weekend!).

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