Wine with Dinner or Dinner with Wine?

I have always been a wine with dinner person. Mainly because I go to the store and plan meals and I know pretty much exactly what I’m making for dinner that week. Less stressful for me since I don’t have to come home and debate what I’m making. I also don’t find that I have the time to go to the store frequently enough to just whip up something on a whim. Then, I pick a wine to drink with the dinner from our collection.

I’ve been mulling over the idea of switching this up, at least once in a while so that my dinner is planned around my wine rather than having the wine planned around the dinner. I think I shall pick a bottle this weekend and decide a meal on what would go best with that wine.

So which one are you? Wine with dinner or vice versa?

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  1. Hi Sonadora

    WE are a mixture of both. We go to the store and buy a bunch of meals that we plan to eat in a week. Then at night if we feel like a Zin (red zin of course) then we make one of the meals that goes with the Zin. So we are 50/50 for the most part.
    SEe ya

  2. Hi John-

    That sounds like a really good mix of styles. Perhaps I should bother my husband more during the day to find out what kind of wine he feels like that night and then make the meal from there. I get home well before he does so I do pretty much all of the cooking and dinner wouldn’t be ready until 9 if we didn’t start until he got home!

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. I too am a bit of a blend. Probably more I choose dinner then a wine to suit it. But definitely there are times that I have a special bottle (at least some upgrade of my “everyday” wines), and plan a meal around it. For instance, I had a special Napa Cab as a Christmas gift I new I wanted to build a nice meal around. Filet mignon with shitaake pan sauce was the result.

  4. Mmmm, sounds like a delicious dinner! I can’t wait to try that risotto recipe you made on your blog, it looks fabulous.

  5. I do both, but lean towards and find that some of my best meals are those that are focused on making the food match the wine. maybe that’s why I’ve been having a bit of bad luck lately. (subject of my newest post)

  6. 4 out of 5 times I go to a restaurant I pick the wine and then I find food to go with it. This is almost always more fun and interesting…

    Over on El Bloggo our Thanksgiving wine guide was done as “with this wine, cook the turkey this way.”

  7. Well Farley, it looks like you are back on your cooking game!

    El jefe, I almost always tend to order the wine first at a restaurant, since they come almost as soon as you sit down for your order. But I try to go with a really food friendly kind since most people don’t also let me pick their food for them!

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