A Dinner with Wine Challenge

In attempting to reach my goal of thinking about my wine first and my dinner second at least once, I would like to ask everyone for their help. I have a few bottles of Roederer Estates Pinot Noir (sorry, the year escapes me at the moment, but I want to say 2000) stashed away that we picked up this summer. We haven’t had any yet and it’s been a while since I’ve had a Pinot Noir and I’m in the mood. The only review I could find online for the Pinot Noir was a 1998 vintage and it wasn’t glowing though the reviewer recommended it (always confused by this, why would you recommend something if you didn’t think it was fairly good?).

So I ask you, what would you serve with my Pinot Noir? I’m a pretty decent cook, I’ve got access to fairly good ingredients at various stores in the area and I’ll try almost anything once. My only limitation is that I’m allergic to soy sauce (but not soy, go figure) and celery (yes, I know it’s water and fiber and logically you shouldn’t be able to be allergic to it, but I am).

If you have any ideas or recipes, I am totally open and would appreciate any suggestions!


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  1. Hi! I love pinot with salmon, how about a super easy baked salmon dish with corn and dried cranberries. Goes nicely with new potatoes and bacon and a nice veg side. I posted the recipe in my blog if you want to check them out. http://dcgastronome.blogspot.com
    Best, Leah

  2. Thanks Leah, that sounds delicious. Matt has been bugging me for salmon lately too!

  3. Sonadora:

    How about Jamie Oliver’s mushroom pappardelle? It will pick up any earthy flavors in the pinot:


    I had it with pinot last week and it was really good.

  4. I like a basic roast chicken with pinot. Or something a bit more interesting would be my risotto with chicken & butternut squash. recipe is here: http://cookingchat.blogspot.com/2006/11/butternut-chicken-risotto-with-fresh_15.html

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