I’m completely frustrated

I am trying my hardest to add those lovely RSS feed and Toast This! features to my blog. And I cannot, for the life of me, get it to work.

I signed the blog up over at Feedburner. Sweet, I can do that much. Then I attempted to put the RSS feed button in the sidebar with my “about me” and all that jazz. No dice. I could get it to show up at the bottom of the blog, but how useless. So I gave up.

Then, I figured, okay, well, I’ll go ahead and give the Toast This! Feature a try, as it seemed easier. Wow, I must be really dumb. I followed all the instructions. I activated the Feedflare features, added the button for Toast This!, clicked for both site and feed, saved, and even managed to find the correct place in my html template to insert the generated code. And, still, it is not showing up.

I’ll straight up admit that I am an html/computer science challenged idiot. Can anyone help me or tell me what I am doing wrong? Did I miss something, like an initial bit of code I needed to have before I could get the Feedflare codes to work?


Edited to add: Apparently I managed to get the Toast and Digg features to work. In the interest of not deleting this post and because I still can’t get the RSS Feed to work, I’ll leave it up.

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  1. Sonadora, you did it! The flares take a while to load (you can speed it up by going over to Feedburner and giving your sight a “ping” or they do it in 30 min. intervals). See your lovely flares!! For the feed, make sure that when you go into your template to add a feature to your sidebar, you use “Configure HTML/JAVA script.” Putting something in the title box is completely optional, but you must paste the code from Feedburner into the big box. And don’t forget to hit “Save Changes” before you leave that screen. I kept forgetting that simple, crucial step.

  2. Hey Dr. Debs, yeah, I see it now. Seriously, me=techno moron. I should stick to wine. I’ll try again later with the RSS feed to see if I can get that to work. Thanks!

  3. Sonadora,

    Glad it worked out for you. You’re no techno-moron. I do all sorts of stuff on the web and when I looked at the new blogger stuff it was all greek to me.

    I also am in the process of upgrading my home PC and we’re getting a MAC for the first time ever. Talk about feeling like a techno-loser, I feel like I’m asking the most basic questions to the Mac people. This is from a guy who can build a PC from scratch!

    Welcome to the Wine Life Today community! Hope it generates many readers for you!

  4. Hey Sonadora,

    Looks like FeedFlare is displaying. You’re having trouble with adding the script to the side? You’ve taken our javascript from the chicklet chooser?

    Let me know if I can help troubleshoot this. Send us a note to publishers@feedburner.com.

    Jake Parrillo
    Publisher Services Team

  5. Joel, I love my Mac. I strayed once when my law school told me Macs wouldn’t work on their network (they lied) and I will never leave my Mac again. It is so easy and user friendly!!

    Jake, yeah, I tried the chicklet chooser, I couldn’t find where to place it in the html though. The code that it said to look for to replace doesn’t seem to be there! I’ll contact you today if I can’t figure it out after work. Thanks.

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