Dinner with Wine Challenge Results

Well, I did buy salmon and ingredients to make Leah of DC Gastronome‘s baked salmon and roasted potatoes, but I was too exhausted last night to actually make it. I’ll do it tomorrow. But I still wanted to drink the 2004 Roederer Estates Pinot Noir. I paired it with the soup from last night, my thought process being that everyone suggested such diverse dinners so I thought that perhaps the pinot would also pair well with it. And it did.

The wine needs to decant, it is still too young to drink straight from the bottle. We didn’t decant it, so I let it sit in the glasses for a while. The alcohol scent dissipated and I was left with a great bottle of wine that has a ton of aging potential, but what is in there now is perfect if you let it decant for an hour or so.

This wine hasa gorgeous deep purple color, that’s what struck me first when I poured it. Cherries and earthy tones on the nose. Cherry and raspberry and just a slight tobacco and earth note in the mouth. Incredibly smooth and drinkable. Yum. I’m really glad we bought several of these as I am eager to see what it will taste like over the next few years.

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  1. sounds like another good wine choice? how long would you age this for if you were so inclined? I’m just thinking about taking the plunge into putting bottles down for more than a month or two!

    thanks for pointing out that my post on the zin I had the other night was missing 1/2 the article! Don’t know what Blogger was doing, very strange…fixed now.

  2. I’m probably going to put the next bottle of this one away for another year. It seemed to me to have enough structure to hold it together for the next few years. I have 3 left, So I’ll check it again next year and see how it’s doing. I think I will keep the very last bottle for at least 3 more years, just to see how it compares!

    No problem, I’ll head on over and check out the rest of the post!

  3. Thanks 🙂 I hope you enjoy the salmon dish, and the wine. It’s fairly easy so should be no worries even on a weeknight. Best, Leah

  4. Salmon was tasty Leah, I made it last night. Though I think my oven is dying, it took forever to cook (literally, like 40 minutes)! Was I supposed to close up the foil packets or leave them open on the top?

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