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We opened one of the bottles we picked up at Chrysalis Vineyards this weekend. I made Leah from DC Gastronome‘s salmon and roasted potatoes and with our recent heat wave, we were in the mood for a nice light white.

The wine was a 2005 Sarah’s Patio White. It cost $13, doesn’t appear to have an alcohol content on the label (I thought that was required by law?) and had a real cork closure. On the nose this wine was very floral with a hint of sweet pear.

This is a blend of vidal blanc, chardonnay and viognier. In the mouth it was sweet with pear and apricots, but with enough structure and acidity to hold it together. It makes a very good sipping wine and was easy to drink and enjoy.

The blend worked well for me, and in some ways reminded me of the flavor of a muscat grape. Overall, it paired okay with dinner, though with the corn, bbq sauce and chicken stock falvoring the salmon I think I would have really liked a nice crisp white with it (perhaps the sauvignon blanc we had at Butterfield 9 the other night) because the flavors seemed creamy to me.

A good value, and we picked up two more bottles, so I’ll be drinking those this summer!

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  1. Thanks for trying the recipe – I tweaked the salmon dish a bit after making it this weekend, upped the heat at little and added chopped almonds for texture. Hope you enjoyed it as well as the wine.

  2. No problem, I’ll try pretty much anything, I’m always on the look-out for new recipes. I found I needed to cook it for much longer than you suggested. After 15 minutes, it was still cold! I think when I make it again I will let the corn defrost as that seemed to be the problem. We’re having the leftovers tonight!

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