Today is WBW #29

I almost forgot that it was today, which would have been a shame since I went out and bought a bottle specially for it! Thanks to Huevos con Vino for reminding me (overachiever, he already has his post up! 🙂 ).

So the deal is, drink a bottle of biodynamically produced wine and post the review today. Then submit your link and other pertinent info as specified to Fork and Bottle at some point today. There’s still time to go out and pick up a bottle if you want to participate.

The days are slipping my mind this week, as we had Monday off and Friday is my regular day off, today just doesn’t feel like Wednesday (plus, I’m planning a dinner party for Matt’s co-workers on Friday, so I’m a touch distracted!).

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  1. Man, I wrote that review a week ago! I’m excited to see Huevos Con Vino get some publicity…*)

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