I couldn’t do it

I’m too much of a wuss. I made Matt call the vineyards to cancel the wine clubs. He cancelled 5. So that leaves us with 7. I think we still need to get rid of 2 more. We are quibbling over which ones have to go though. We kept most of our absolute favorites (with one exception that we hope to rejoin when we aren’t just about to buy a house). I think we have another one we can easily knock off the list because we can get it around here already. It’s that very last one that’s going to be tough. I suggested we stop eating out so we can keep the wine club, but I realize that hurts me more than anyone else since I do 97% of the cooking around here and a night out is a night off for me.


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  1. Which ones do you still belong to?

  2. We still have

    De la Montanya

    Need to drop 2 more probably. We’re just not sure which ones.

  3. It’s a tough choice! I know I’m trying to limit myself to 2, maybe 3 or 4 wine clubs overall, and even then it’s mostly about trying to get into clubs that offer the only chance to buy the wines themselves. Ahh well…I need some more lottery tickets.

  4. It is kind of rough. Especially with some some of them. We were the only visitors at some of the wineries we joined on that particular day and we spent a lot of time in the tasting room just chatting with the various people who wandered in and out, family members, winemakers, etc. I felt especially bad about those, and in the end changed my mind on one when Matt called up and the guy immediately knew who he was and remembered us. Couldn’t do it, plus I really like the wines! Though we did change that one to combined shipments, so that will save a bit.

  5. I guess the solution is to quit being so congenial when you visit winery tasting rooms! *)

  6. Yep. That’s it. I have to learn to be curt. 🙂

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