Bebo Trattoria: Italian and Wine

Our neighborhood has a surprisingly large number of Italian restaurants for not being that big of a place. We’ve tried a few, but more seem to open every month. The most recent addition is Bebo Trattoria.

What a great find!!! The prices here are so reasonable and the food is great! No entree was more than $16. Matt had the Pasta with Duck Ragu and I had the 4 cheese risotto. As an appetizer, we had the Pancetta over warm polenta with brie. This was a fantastic appetizer. The crisp, salty pancetta was a great contrast to the polenta and brie and it really worked well. My risotto was a little oniony for my taste, but Matt really liked it. I didn’t taste the Duck Ragu, but he proclaimed it “good.” For dessert we spilt a Panna Cotta with strawberry sauce. It was so well done. Perfectly creamy, while mainting it’s shape and the strawberry sauce was an excellent complement.

I had a glass of 2004 Trebbiano D’Abruzo. It was a light and lively glass of wine, served a little too cold (not something I say too often since I tend to like my wines chilly). It got better as it warmed up and showed citrus and spices in the mouth with a good finish. It was a fairly decent match with all the creamy flavors that my meal had. The wine list was fairly large, inlcuding a good selection of wines by the glass. However, it looked like you could get a fairly expensive bottle of wine for a restaurant whose food prices were very reasonable!

Overall, a good value.

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