Drinking by my lonesome

Last night Matt had to work very late and I still wanted a glass of wine to go with my Asian Basa filet. (Yummy fish by the way, I just sautee it lightly in a bit of butter, some salt and pepper.) I was originally planning to drink some Chantilly from Swedenburg with this meal, but we only have the one bottle and aren’t likely to head back out there anytime soon.

The wine I chose instead was a 2004 Mauritson Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc. Picked this up at Mauritson for $12.80, has a real cork closure and is 13.5% alcohol by volume.

On the nose there is citrus, green pepper, and grass.

In the mouth, it’s a little spicy, with some lime. As I made my way through my glass and a half (really, I had no chance of drinking much more than that if I wanted to be functioning at work) I thought some pineapple showed itself in the mouth. The wine has great acidity and structure and an excellent finish full of citrus. It’s a very thirst-quenching wine and I can just picture drinking this on a hot summer day by the pool.

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