WBW #30 Announced (Already!)

And it’s soon, so get cracking on this assignment! Though I think it will be much easier this month to find a wine that fits!

WBW will be hosted by Tim of Wine Cast this month. You can find all the details over on Wine Cast in this post. The date is February 7th. That’s soon! Our assignment is to drink and review a bottle of New World Syrah/Shiraz….so really, from anywhere in the United States, Australia, South America, etc……there are definetly a lot of bottles to choose from. But still, only about 2 weeks to get on this one. Same deal as always, drink your wine and send your review to Tim on February 7th.

I’m pretty sure we have a few (cough, cough, I have a very loose definition of “a few”) bottles of Syrah hanging around from our trip. In fact, we drank a fabulous one from Quivira just the other night. It was the star of the wines of our dinner party and I’ll be happy to try one of our other Syrahs for this WBW. Thanks to Tim for hosting!

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  1. Looking forward to reading your notes this month. Sorry for the short notice but we thought it was better this way than having it on Valentine’s Day or Ash Wednesday.


    Tim Elliott

  2. Oh, I understand! Thanks for hosting, I hope we get a great round-up of excellent Shyrah/Shiraz.

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