Second Night of the Mauritson

We drank the rest of the bottle of Mauritson Sauvignon Blanc last night. Now, I had no other option for preserving it on hand except my vacuum pump. So I went ahead and gave it a shot (it was the first time I had used, DH had always done it before) without much hope for how it would taste last night.

However, I think perhaps I used it correctly…..? I took Dr. Deb of Good Wine Under $20‘s advice and I let the bottle warm up on the counter a while before serving it. It wasn’t perfect, but it certainly wasn’t anywhere near as degraded as past bottles that we had saved. I still got the citrus and the grass in the mouth, but I also got a little bit of pear. Overall tasty, but I’m glad we didn’t have to try to keep it for a 3rd night!

I served it with fried chicken, biscuits and broccoli. Matt cooked us dinner, which was a nice break for me! I attempted to help with the gravy by offering the suggestion that perhaps cornstarch is a better thickening agent than flour, but alas, the gravy was still quite a failure. The wine was fairly tasty with the fried food though, so at least the pairing was good!

I think I will shortly be looking into the alternative ways of preserving that everyone suggested last night. Thanks to all!

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  1. Glad it helped. In general, US drinkers drink their whites too cold (leading to flat, bitter wines) and their reds to warm (leading to wines that seem more alcoholic than they sometimes are).

  2. Oh, warm reds drive me nuts! I find that often in restaurants and it just ruins the wine…nothing like a tepid glass of wine to throw off a dining experience!

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