The Forrest Through the Trees

Last night’s wine was all about the pine! The bottle was a 2004 Quivira Fig Tree Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc. Weighs in at 13.8% alcohol by volume (thankfully less than the night before!), cost us $13.60, though I found it online for $11.99, and had a real cork closure. I served it with chicken roll-ups, cream sauce, broccoli and white rice. I thought a crisp Sauvignon Blanc would be a good match for the creamy, cheesy chicken dish. I thought it turned out well, with the acidity cutting through the creaminess and cleansing the palate.

Thie one was full of pine on the nose, with some lemon (but not smelling like pinesol, I promise!). Citrus flavors were in the mouth, with crisp apples and a little bit of a creamy melon flavor at the end.

Overall, the wine had good acidity and structure holding it together which balanced well with the fruit flavors. It’s not terribly complex, but is easy to drink and was a pleasant match with dinner. And if you can find for around $12, I think it’s an excellent deal and would easily be something we could use as an everyday wine. It was especially nice to see a wine under 14% alcohol by volume!


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  1. Soandora–Try some NZ sauvignon blancs, same value ratio as the Quivira and a bit more complex and structured. Dog Point and Spy Valley come to mind though there are dozens under $15 a bottle and most are low 13% alcohol. See my latest post on new world SBs too.

    Cheers, Barrld

  2. Thanks Barrld. I’ll head on over and check it out. We’ve had a few NZ sauvignon blancs recently, some good, some bad, some indifferent. I seem to find it a little hit or miss over there with the $15ish price range.

  3. […] that retailed for around $13. It wasn’t oaked, and it was a perfect weekday wine.  I wrote a review on it a few months after starting Wannabe Wino Wine Blog.  Then, I didn’t get any other […]

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