The Finished Corkboard

I did eventually (actually rather quickly) get around to making that corkboard out of my bag of corks. Oddly enough, the bag itself doesn’t really look much emptier than when I started. And it really only took around 120 corks to finish. Really not that big of a dent in a bag that had nearly 400 corks in it…… 🙂 Perhaps I ought to get on mass producing cork reindeer (again, my apologies to the person who keeps searching for how to make one of these things, I don’t honestly know!).

Anyway, it probably took us around an hour and a half to make this thing. The hardest part was finding corks that were long enough to fit tightly. Ocassionally we had to sacrifice a pretty cork for a less pretty one just to be able to fit them all in so there were no gaps. I’m fairly pleased with how it came out, but less pleased with the quality of the product. The dry erase board won’t stay in like it is supposed to and the corner of the wood frame has already separated. Also, make sure you have your own container of wood glue around to glue in the corks. The little tub they provide is not nearly enough to put a “generous amount” of glue on each cork, nor does it want to come out of the tub all that easily. Now I just need to get to the hardware store to pick up some kind of a brace to hold the frame together while the glue dries so that I can finally hang the thing up.

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  1. Very nice Sonadora, I think you just gave me inspiration to do something with all the corks I have saved. BTW, where did you find the Quivira at?

    Happy Sipping!


  2. Hi Dezel- Thanks! It was fun to make, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. I actually got the Quivira through Quivira, they actually ship to Virginia!


  3. Yes, it looks good. Nice job (though now I’m feeling guilty about not making one for a friend as I promised for Christmas).

    p.s. As for the reindeer, I think I remember seeing one at some point that had pipe cleaners for antlers and those googly eyes.

  4. Farley-It wasn’t that hard to make, I promise! And, I actually have a cork reindeer. My mom sent one to me this year, it’s just packed away with the Christmas stuff. I just kind of feel bad for whomever keeps searching for how to make one and keeps ending up here! Mine has a puffy red nose too in addition to pipe cleaner antlers. I should just dig the thing out!

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