Tuesday Wine Down

Leah of DC Gastronome told me a few weeks ago that she and some friends were hosting a wine happy hour today. I had said I could probably make it, and Matt and I made plans to attend. Now, come to find out, Leah is the new co-host of Meetup DC’s Wine Group! (I was slightly confused when the second invite showed up in my non-blog email, but quickly figured it out.) And, tonight’s activity is her happy hour.

I have yet to attend a Meetup event, so this will be my first. And it looks good. It will be held at David Greggory in DC, with I gather is on the corner of 21st and M. Happy hour starts at 4:30pm and goes until 10:00pm. The Meetup group is scheduled to gather at 6ish. I’ll be there, with Matt in tow and I’d love to meet some new people in the area…I just moved here in September and don’t know a lot of folks yet (especially any that really enjoy wine!).

Looks like the specials are $4.75 wines by the glass (doesn’t say which wines though), $4.25 Microbrew Drafts, Smirnoff vodka drinks $5.00 and Sangira for $3.75. Some good looking appetizer specials, all at $5.00 and a small but tasty looking regular menu. Fairly decent wine menu, though a bit lacking in bottles under the $30 mark….oh well, hopefully the wine by the glass specials will be interesting!

So come on out! I’ll be the one in a gray suit and I now have kind of blonde hair (my picture up in the corner was taken in October when I decided to be auburn for the fall/winter until I got bored of it last week.) Hope to see you there!

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  1. Did you have fun? I can completely relate to moving and needing to find wine buddies. But at least you always have Matt!

  2. Hey Farley-

    Yep, we had fun! It was good to get out (the whole lack of really knowing anyone puts a touch of a damper on our social life 🙂 ). Perhaps a little too much fun…we stayed late and decided after having several glasses each at the happy hour to eat dinner and have a bottle of wine! Not such a good call when you leave your house at 5:30am to get to work!

  3. What kind of 6 am job do you have?

    I go in hours later than you and I still find it hard to keep the regular daily posts coming.

  4. Marcus, I work a flex-schedule for the government. I go in that early by choice in order to be able to leave work at 3:30 and have every other Friday off. I have lots of time to post in the 4ish hours I am home before Matt gets home!

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