Tuesday Wine Down Review

As previously mentioned, we joined Leah of DC Gastronome (too cute with her food journal open the whole time!) at David Greggory for the Happy hour meeting of the DC/NOVA Meetup Wine Club. All in all, a good time was had. A good number of people showed up (I would say around 20 over the course of the evening!) and it was great to meet new people, which I find is hard to do when you move to a new place and 95% of the people at your new job are at significantly different life stages than you are.

Overall, the restaurant was crowded! It was hard to get enough seats for everyone at the bar, and the bar is a good size. The servers were also a little frantic, they seemed to only have one bartender for their biggest happy hour of the week…..

The wine specials for the evening, at $4.75 a glass were a Spanish Grenache, a Cava and a Chardonnay. I don’t think anyone had the Chardonnay. I had the Grenache and the Cava. Nice selections, I was particulary impressed with the Cava, it had great bubbles, a scent of yeast, and was crisp and light with apple and pear flavors. The Grenache was a little less exciting, though definitely drinkable. It had little on the nose, but the mouth was nice and fruity and it went down easily.

Several options existed for appetizer specials and the group seemed to try all of them over the course of the evening. I didn’t have any (not my best call ever), since Matt wanted the deviled eggs (NMS), but he said they were delicious. He got 3 deviled eggs filled with different centers for $5.00. Not so bad. I also saw they had some mini-pizzas and wings. Everything looked good, and came out of the kitchen quickly.

We stayed for dinner and a bottle of wine after the happy hour slowed down a bit. I’ll review that later!

Share Your Favorite Sonoma Area Places!

I’ve got a friend who is planning a celebratory trip out to the Sonoma area this summer. She and her husband will be there for 5-6 days (have I mentioned that I’m very jealous?). I’ve already suggested some of my favorite wineries that we visited, plus places we ate and other things we did (like a day trip up to Mendocino). However, that won’t fill all the time (and I know if Matt and I get a chance to return I’d like to have a little more of an attack plan so we could make the most of the time)! So if you had 5-6 days to spend in the area and had never been there before, what would you not want to miss?

I know where I’d go again, so those are the places I have suggested so far. Anyone else have any thoughts?