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I’ve got a friend who is planning a celebratory trip out to the Sonoma area this summer. She and her husband will be there for 5-6 days (have I mentioned that I’m very jealous?). I’ve already suggested some of my favorite wineries that we visited, plus places we ate and other things we did (like a day trip up to Mendocino). However, that won’t fill all the time (and I know if Matt and I get a chance to return I’d like to have a little more of an attack plan so we could make the most of the time)! So if you had 5-6 days to spend in the area and had never been there before, what would you not want to miss?

I know where I’d go again, so those are the places I have suggested so far. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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  1. I have recently moved from the SF Bay Area, and from my weekends of tasting, I have the following winery recommendations as ‘don’t miss’: Frick and Seghesio.

    Are they just focusing on Sonoma?, because there are many great wines in Calistoga, just North of Napa, and a very close drive from Sonoma.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Christie! I will pass them along. Those are two we did not get to on our trip. They haven’t quite figured out their focus yet and have been open to all ideas so far!

  3. They should spend a day going up 101 to the Avenue of the Giants and see the redwoods – or any of the other coastal groves, none will disappoint! I realize it is tough to head east when there are so few days, but the Sierras are simply amazing and will not disappoint no matter where you see them. Yosemite gets all the good press but is very crowded in the summer – and every mountain pass has almost equally beautiful sights. (Heck, some people spend years wishing they could live there, and then they do…:)
    And any time spent on the north coast will be time very well spent.

  4. Ahh, used to live in SF. Love Sonoma. I would recommend Gary Farrell, Gloria Ferrer for sparkling and pretty views, David Coffaro, Pezzy King, and really pretty much anywhere in Healdsburg (which is part of Sonoma County). Have fun!

  5. Great suggestions El Jefe and Leah. Thanks, I will pass them along. I should also post my pictures of our drive through the redwoods…I made Matt get out of the car and stand next to the redwoods for comparison sake…he’s fairly tall, so I always use him as a meaasure when I want to show through a picture exactly how big something is!

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