I know it’s not fancy

However, I think that this is a decent bottle of sparkling wine for the price. I understand that Korbel gets the brush off from many wine lovers, and that’s fine, but I’ve never been a fashionable person myself, so when I’m looking for a bottle of sparkling wine that is very inexpensive and I know will deliver a reliable flavor, this is what I go for. Since we are celebrating our house and our “champagne” tastes are going to have to shrink in cost from the Roederer we love, we had a bottle of this Korbel Blanc de Noir. We picked this bottle up for around $8 at Korbel Cellars last summer.

In the glass, the color is of toasted almonds. It has a tiny bead and lots of them, I’m not sure my photography skills are quite good enough to pick them up. When I poured it at first there was a lot of foam in the glass.

On the nose, there were peaches and a slight yeasty quality. In the mouth, dry strawberries and rapsberries. It’s a crisp sparkler with good bubbles on the palate. Overall, it’s quick and easy and consistent in flavor and what you expect of it. Simple and fun, and does not disappoint for the price.

We bought a house!

Sorry, this has nothing to do with wine, but does explain my slower than normal posting and my lack of timely responses to everyone’s comments. We are incredibly excited to have our own place and to be homeowners! We close April 30th and will be moving in over the month of May. So I expect that I will be back to normal with posting and responses for the next 2 months and then things will be a little hectic again. Not that I don’t have things to post, I think I have a backlog of about 8 posts at this point!!!