WBW #31 Announced

This month’s theme is Box Wines and Non Traditional Packaging and is being hosted over on Box Wines. Box Wine Guy has a nice write-up about box wines and other packages that are acceptable.

Now, I have to admit, the thought of box wine brings back horribly horribly painful memories of playing “Never Have I Ever” with my girlfriends in college and drinking some fine Dr. Franz. Though I have to say, the Dr. Franz was a welcome departure from the usual “Fire and Ice” shots that accompanied that game. And I can’t say that I’ve ever had, nor have I ever looked for a box of wine outside of that capacity.

So I guess this month will find me out beating the bushes for a box of wine that doesn’t taste like sweet, burnt rubber. (You think I’m joking, come on, fess up, you’ve had a box of Dr. Franz on occassion.) Hopefully my grocery store will carry something, I can say with about 99% certainty that my local wine shops do not carry boxed wine!

Get your entry in by March 14. Happy box wine hunting!

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  1. You are right – it’s odd, but at least in our area, the high-end supermarkets carry better quality box wines (Trove, Black Box, Killer Juice, Three Thieves, etc.) and the “upscale” wine & spirits shops carry only Franzia and the like. Odd, but true. Happy hunting!


  2. Well, we shall see. I picked up a box at the grocery yesterday. I hope it’s decent!

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