I wonder if the wine writer over at the Washington Post reads wine blogs? An article appeared this week in the Food and Dining section of the Post about biodynamically produced wine. Considering we recently had WBW 29 which featured biodynamically produced wine, you just have to wonder. The article echoes many of the questions and concerns posed by all the wine bloggers when reveiwing the wines tasted for WBW. It also has a hefty dose of skepticism mixed in with its information, also a theme I noticed in that particular WBW. Who knows.

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  1. I think you’ve hit on the considerable disjunct between the print press and the blogger world. Often times non-blogging reporters are incredibly dismissive of the blogosphere and, as a result of such snobbery, are truly missing out on a key source of information. Given that it’s relatively easy to keep on top of the wine blog world one wonders if the print only folks are dinosaurs waiting for that meteor strike that spells extinction.

  2. Well I’ve noticed several papers that also include a wine blog. Notably the NY Times with The Pour and the Dayton Daily News with Uncorked. However, I have often wondered if blogs could replce traditional papers, as the medium simple allows for more give and take. I suppose only time will tell!

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