On the Mend

I’m finally feeling well enough to sit up and focus long enough to write up a post. I think I’ve had the plague. It’s been a super fun week, given the I’ve only been at my job for 5 months so I had all of 3 sick days to use to get over whatver this was…

Anyway, back to the wine. The other night (don’t really remember when) we drank this bottle of 2005 Terlato Pinto Grigio. I’m assuming we picked this up last summer though to be honest I have no recollection of visiting the vineyard and it’s the only bottle in our collection, so I’m stumped. There was only one other vineyard where we bought but one bottle and that was due to the fact that the least expensive bottle there was $39…a little out of our everyday price range!

So this bottle. Cost us $22, is 13.6% alcohol by volume and had a screwcap closure. On the nose this bottle was very aromaic, showing a melon and white flowers. In the mouth there was more melon and a bit of spice. The wine actually surprised me in the mouth, as it was heavier than I expected from the nose and actually had a touch of an oily feel to it. Overall, a well done Pinot Grigio. I served this with Chinese take-out, which consisted of Seshwan Beef, Spicy Shrimp and Sweet and Sour Chicken. It was a pretty good match for the meal, with the melon giving a good balance to the spicy food. I also wrote down that I’d like to drink this on the porch in the summer.