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On Friday we headed out to Pizza Paradiso, our favorite pizza place in the area. Now, Pizza Paradiso isn’t known for it’s wine selection, but instead it’s beer selection. They have over 20 beers on tap, many of which are really unique and I haven’t seen them elsewhere. However, I still really like some wine with my pizza.

I’ve tried most of the whites on the list and I don’t like the way they taste after you’ve had any tomatoes. So I’ve moved on to the reds and I usually go with the special selection, and Friday was no exception. That night it was a 2005 Feudo Maccari Renoto, which was selling for $7 for a glass and $26 for the bottle. I opted for the glass since Matt wanted one of the beers.

The wine is a blend of 85% Nero D’Avola and 15% Syrah. I have a bone to pick with Pizza Paradiso. They serve their wine in tall skinny juice glasses and some of their beers in wine glasses. This frustrates me because it really detracts from the wine. Additionally, it’s served simply too warm. Pizza Paradiso is full of brick ovens to make the pizza. The place is not cool and the wine at room temp is not so appealing.

As to the actually wine, I got earth and raisins on the nose. In the mouth red currants and raisins showed. After a little while, red cherries came through. Throughout the whole glass there were spices and at the end I would say a hint of tobacco. I would guess this retails for somewhere between $11 and $16 given the cost in the restaurant and for that price, this would be a great value in a red. It went pretty well with my pizza of choice, a Pizza Paradiso made with fresh tomatoes and fresh Buffalo mozzarella. Though I will say I appreciated the glass of ice cold Red Raspberry Draft that was on special that I ordered after I finished my wine.

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  1. Great site!

  2. Thanks Suzanne! Welcome!

  3. Yeah I agree re the glasses there, but I love the Birreia portion so much I will deal when I am there. I usually just do the house red, which is not too $$, and it is great with pizza. Have you tried Radius Pizza in Mt Pleasant or Matchbox in Gallery Place? Actually prefer the pizza both places to Paradiso ….

  4. Restaurants are always getting the temperature wrong! I was on vacation in the Carribean with my wife, and we got a babysitter so we could go out to the ‘fancy’ restaurant. This was the only air conditioned restaurant, so I felt we were reasonably safe re: temperature. Well, the guy went OUTSIDE to get the wine (i.e. 30 Celsius/90-ish Fahrenheit) – it tasted awful. TIP – NEVER order a red wine in the Carribean.

  5. Leah-Haven’t been to either of those places….we tend to get in a restaurant rut when we find places we like. I think perhaps it’s a leftover habit from college when there were literally 4 restaurants in town!

    Joe-That sounds terrible. I cannot even imagine what a wine sitting out in 90 degree weather would taste like, but it certainly couldn’t be good! And at a fancy place and all? Awful.

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