Short term memory anyone?

I apparently lack one these days. We just drank a bottle of this the other night and somehow that fact managed to escape me. Sigh. You’d think with the blog and my spreadsheet, I would be better about this. Especially since I specifically said I didn’t think the 2005 Hanna Pinot Noir was ready to drink yet. We literally had this 3 weeks ago. This time I served the Hanna with a baked maple syrup/brown sugar acorn squash and cornish hens wrapped in bacon and topped with a raspberry jam/balsalmic vinegar glaze. (Mainly I’m showing off my dinner at this point cause I’m really proud of how it came out!)

However, this is not the first repeat we’ve had in recent memory. We also just drank another bottle of 2005 De La Montanya Chardonnay which we tasted just a few months ago. And I’ve noticed as time goes on that I am having more and more trouble finding wines in my collection that are ready to drink, that are in the price range I want to drink that night and we haven’t had them since I started the blog in November. Which leads me to believe we are in a slight wine rut. Not good. And now that I’ve combined all my wine club shipments into only once or twice a year, I am not expecting any new wine for at least 2 months.

Alas, we are also not in the position to be buying much additional wine at this point either. With the house closing coming up (eek, about 50 days!) we are watching every penny. So sadly my posting may be slowing a little for the next month since we simply are not drinking as many new wines as we had previously (though with 175 posts since mid-November, and the majority of them being wine reviews, we have consumed a slightly alarming number of bottles!!). I will attempt to find as many as I can that are different from what I’ve already reviewed while staying in the confines of my collection and keep up the posting!