Virginia Wine Club Meetup Tonight

ETA: We are going to have change our answer here, the weather will be keeping us at home. I hope everyone has a great time and we will catch you at the next one!

The most recent email for the Virginia Wine Club Meetup event managed to get lost in my inbox. Possibly due to the fact that my once spam-free email has in recent months become home to all varieties of spam, which saddens me greatly. (No, really, I don’t need cheap Xantax or whatever else you are peddling….)

However, our kind assistant organizer Leah, of DcGastronome, sent out a reminder email last night which caught my eye.

Tonight there are around 20 of us who have rsvp’d “yes” to attend the Meetup at Cafe Saint Ex in DC at 6:00pm. It’s close to the U Street Metro, so easily accessible by both Metro or car if you are so inclined to brave driving into DC (a task I try to avoid at all costs, really people, the car manufacturers installed turn signals on your vehicle for a reason, not just so you could watch pretty blinking lights on your dashboard, learn to use them!).

Happy hour specials run from 4:00pm through 7:00pm which includes $4 glasses of house wine, and I’m not sure what else since the happy hour section of the website is unpopulated. The wine list looks interesting, though I wish there were a larger selection of wines by the glass. It appears a bit unbalanced with only 5 reds by the glass and 7 whites. Hear that DC area restaurants? Offering wines by the glass (and not just plonk!) in greater variety would be an appreciated factor when composing your wine lists! Or how about flights of wine? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but I think I”ve only been to one restaurant with that option!

So come join us! I’ll be there at 6 and Matt will be joining me shortly thereafter. Last month’s Meetup was a blast and it was great to get out and meet new people, I hope to see some familiar faces and some new ones this time. I’m the brownish-blonde with bad roots (help, I need a new salon!) wearing a chocolate brown suit. Hope to see you there!


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  1. Hey Megan, thanks for the post 🙂 Ya’ll missed a fun time, but no worries – hopefully will see you at the next wine club event…

  2. Ah, sorry we missed it. It stopped snowing shortly after we decided not to come, but by that point Matt had already made the trek home and heading back into the city wasn’t going to happen. Next time!

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