"My Zin"

It’s been a bit of zinfandel couple of weeks for us. Our weather is a little kooky these days (73 one day and ice and snow the next) so I’m not sure how many more weeks of “big red” wine drinking we’re going to get. Though I am looking forward to a return to some light whites and roses (not that I really laid off them too much this winter) with spring just around the corner!

We drank this 2005 David Coffaro “My Zin” with some pasta and homemade tomato sauce, sprinkled with fresh parmasean. It cost us $26.00 at Coffaro last summer, was 15% alcohol by volume and had a screw-cap closure. This is an unfiltered/unfined wine.

On those nose I found currants, spicy oak (does that even make any sense?) and blackberries. The wine was a bit hot to start with. The alcohol is big on the nose, but it quickly blows off. In the mouth it shows smoothly after letting it sit for a few minutes. The taste is of blackberries and spice. After an hour or so I get a little chocolate and earth showing in the glass.

This wine worked well with our dinner because it tend to make a sweeter tomato sauce and the spiciness of the wine was a good complement to the sweet sauce flavors.


A Laundry List of Wineries

One of our wine clubs, Nelson Family Vineyards, is having a nifty event on April 14. You sign up to come to a lunch and a wine blending, where you work in teams to create the winning blend, which will then be bottled and you win a magnum if your blend is chosen. To me, this sounds awesome and like it would be lots of fun (I get to play winemaker!).

We had already been planning a trip to CA to visit Matt’s parents and I thought it wouldn’t be such a stretch to take a short flight up towards wine country at the end of the week…..it took a few days of convincing, but Matt’s on board and we are headed back to the Sonoma area in mid-April!!

Well be in the area for 3 full days. I figure we will be able to go to 6 vineyards in that time, given that the wine club event will take up most of the afternoon of the Saturday. I’ve already scheduled a visit to Michel-Schlumberger thanks to a tip I found on Fork and Bottle. We are also definitely going to go to Ridge Vineyards (I think you can just show up, at least it appears that way) thanks to a tip from Tim over at Winecast.

The point of this post. Anyone want to suggest other places for us to visit? We are big Zinfandel fans, among other varietals of course 🙂 Following is a list of everywhere we visited last time we were out in CA:

Alexander Valley Vineyards
David Coffaro
Davis Bynum
De La Montanya
de Lorimier
Dutcher Crossing
Ferrari Carano
Hop Kiln
Robert Young

By the way, it was certainly a work-out for my brain this morning to come up with that list, it took me forever to get the last one. I knew we went to 26, but I could only come up with 25!