"My Zin"

It’s been a bit of zinfandel couple of weeks for us. Our weather is a little kooky these days (73 one day and ice and snow the next) so I’m not sure how many more weeks of “big red” wine drinking we’re going to get. Though I am looking forward to a return to some light whites and roses (not that I really laid off them too much this winter) with spring just around the corner!

We drank this 2005 David Coffaro “My Zin” with some pasta and homemade tomato sauce, sprinkled with fresh parmasean. It cost us $26.00 at Coffaro last summer, was 15% alcohol by volume and had a screw-cap closure. This is an unfiltered/unfined wine.

On those nose I found currants, spicy oak (does that even make any sense?) and blackberries. The wine was a bit hot to start with. The alcohol is big on the nose, but it quickly blows off. In the mouth it shows smoothly after letting it sit for a few minutes. The taste is of blackberries and spice. After an hour or so I get a little chocolate and earth showing in the glass.

This wine worked well with our dinner because it tend to make a sweeter tomato sauce and the spiciness of the wine was a good complement to the sweet sauce flavors.

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  1. Hello Sonadora,

    That meal looks terrific and sounds like things worked alright. You are really doing a great job with these dishes – I will have to buy your cookbook when it comes out : )

    Going back to the “is this wine”. Curiosity struck Dezel whilst in Total Wine and I forked over $5 for the mystery juice; why do I call it mystery juice? I cannot tell what is in it. (Does taste like it had some sort of barrel aging however that just is not right) Shocker!

    Have a great week.


  2. Hi Dezel-

    Thanks for the compliment! I’m working hard on the cooking thing and I’m trying to have some fun with it. I think I shall attempt quiche next week!

    Oh, you know that expression about curiousity killing the cat? Sorry it got the better of you, that was some awful stuff!

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