Drinking the Box from WBW

Is it my fridge or the particular box wine I bought? I thought the premise of the box wines was that you can stick it in the fridge and it will keep for up to six weeks.

I have to say that I am not finding that to be the case. My box wine has now been open for a full week. I drank some more out of it a day or two after WBW and I actually have to say that the flavor improved. The fruits were more discernible and it overall had more character.

Then I went back to it a few nights later. It was thin and astringent. The fruit was muted, even after letting my glass warm back up to a more proper temperature. And I just went back again for another glass last night and it’s not that drinkable anymore.

I’m really not sure what happened. I am tempted to leave the rest of the box in the fridge and taste it in a few weeks to see what it’s like. I enjoy the concept of wine that will keep for a while, so long as the quality remains the same. If it won’t even keep for a week, how’s it going to be in 3 weeks? Has anyone else gone back to their box and tasted it? Thoughts?

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