Marimar Pinot Noir

Our second bottle with our company and pizza this week was a 2004 Marimar Estate Pinot Noir from the Stony Block Vineyard.

The bottle came in a club shipment and it cost $42 minus whatever the club discount is. It was 14.5% alcohol by volume and had a real cork closure. This is an unfiltered wine.

In the glass the wine is a pretty ruby red color. On the nose I found strawberries and currants. It feels very light in the mouth and I am getting berries (raspberries and strawberries), a little spice and some oak. It has a bit of a kick at the end.

I much preferred the Alderbrook we had earlier in the evening. For the price, I was not all that impressed with the flavors or the depth of this wine. I found it a bit thin and lacking in flavor in the mouth to quite justify the price tag. We had a bottle of Marimar Earthquake Vineyard Pinot Noir perhaps a month before I started the blog to celebrate my passing of the bar and I remember that being an excellent wine, so I was disappointed that this one just wasn’t nearly as good. I do have another bottle of the Earthquake hanging around so perhaps I will consume that one in the near future so I will have a better comparison point.

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