WBW #32-Regular v. Reserve

Thanks to a heads up from Dr. Debs over at Good Wine Under $20, I’ve been alerted to the fact that the theme for WBW #32 is posted and it’s a doozy! Hosted by The Wine Cask this time, you can find all the details here.

This month we are being asked to pick a regular bottle and a reserve bottle of the same varietal from the same vintage from the same vineyard. I will have to check my collection, but I am afraid that I just drank the last non-reserve version of a wine for which I also have a reserve version last week.

Pertinent details (besides what the theme is) are that you need to submit your reviews to The Wine Cask by SUNDAY April 8 and the round-up will be posted on April 11. That gives us less than two weeks to find, drink and write our reviews of the wines. The main idea is to compare the regular and the reserve and determine what, if any differences exist and if the cost difference is worth springing for the reserve.

I am going to find this to be really difficult. We leave to visit the in-laws in Los Angeles come April 6 and April 8 is Easter Sunday, so I’m not sure that I will have the time to do this WBW as finding and drinking the two bottles in less than 10 days is going to be troublesome. I’ll do my best, but no promises. I hope I don’t have to sit this one out as I haven’t missed one yet since starting Wannabe Wino.


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  1. Good for you for publicizing this — I haven’t even heard Lenn mentioning it yet. It is a very tight schedule for this WBW theme. Since it’s a tricky “doubleheader” and it’s the holidays, I’m worried participation will be low. (I need to think about this myself since I am hosting May’s WBW.)

    Good luck!

  2. Marcus, I’m thinking the same thing. I remember it being held early because of Good Friday, I’m surprised this time it’s not being rejiggered a bit to accomodate the April holidays. I’m going to make a trip to the store today to see what I can find, but I can’t say I’m all that hopeful.

    I look forward to you hosting it next month!

  3. Thanks for the heads up–dang, I better get crackin. Although this one may have to be wines from work because my finances are not as they should be right now.

  4. Oops, sorry, I meant Ash Wednesday!

    Yeah, Farley, the budget is hurting here too! I’m not sure I want to get two bottles from the store when that could go towards getting something when we are in CA next week….

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