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It’s official: Pimp Daddy of Twisted Oak will be making an appearance in NOVA/DC this spring. El Jefe announced the potential dates of the trip on El Bloggo Torcido yesterday and I got an email confirming it which I need to respond to. He’ll miss the Cherry Blossom Festival, but who has time for that %@#$! when there’s %@#$! wine to drink anyway?

The potential dates ate in late April, around the 25th. The idea is that bloggers will get together and organize (or I’ll do it by myself if I need to!) an event somewhere in the area. Pimp Daddy will bring the wines and Twisted Oak will pick up the corkage fees. Attendees buy their sustinance and such (that is if you need more than wine to survive at dinner). Anyone can attend and events organized by bloggers in Indianapolis and Minneapolis have been really
%@#$!ing great according to the blog reports. (Though really guys, we’re glad you’re finally coming somewhere that doesn’t end in “apolis.”)

But I NEED help! Last I knew, restaurants in VA can’t have BYO or corkage. You gotta buy it there. I found this list of DC restaurants with corkage fees, though I have no idea how recent it is and many of the restaurants (um, hello 1789 and Capital Grille) are WAY beyond my nightly budget. Glancing at some of the websites for the places listed I can’t find any info on corkage or bringing your own wine policies. So first, help me narrow down the list, then let’s make sure we can actually bring wine in and that we can get a reservation. I’ve probably been to around a dozen places on this list (most recently McCormick and Schmick’s and Pizza Paradiso (a place I frequent with a not so great wine list and no where have I ever seen that they allow corkage)) and most were good, but many were special occassion type places (read: the bill was more than my monthly grocery bill). I’d appreciate the assitance of other local bloggers in this endeavor and in getting the word out. (Leah, Dezel, any interest in this kind of an event?) Any other DC area readers interested? Shoot me an email at and we will get this together!


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  1. Hi Sonadora,

    I will be posting something soon as well. I had exchanged emails with the Twisted family and was trying to do something at a wine store. I had two that were really interested here in Alexandria.

    Restaurants are a different story here unfortunately. I know they plan on stops in Richmond, VA and DC – so I was looking into some VA options. I will respond to El Jefe tonight and see if a wine store is still in the works or if it has to be a restaurant. Either way, sounds like a good time to Dezel!

  2. Hey Dezel-

    Yeah, the restaurants are tough, though I will get on calling them tomorrow to see what available, at least downtown. I know it’s a no go in VA for corkage.

    I’m sure a wine shop would work too. Were you thinking Unwined? The Curious Grape might be an option as well.

    Though it would be nice if we could all do a dinner somewhere!

  3. Hey Megan
    If you and Dezel can pull something off in Richmond, let me know I would love to attend.

  4. A restaurant, a wine store, someone’s house – we’ve done all of those and all have been great – so whatever works for you is OK with us.

  5. I’d be willing to have people at our apartment, no problem. We can probably get up to 15 people in here comfortably…I’m in Arlington right near the Metro….

    Or we can shoot for a wine store. Let me know what you are thinking Dezel.

  6. Totally on board – let me know what the current thoughts are.. Leah

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