Happy Hour at Piola!

On Wednesday, April 4th, starting at 5:30, the Virginia Meetup Wine Club is meeting at Piola in Rosslyn for Happy Hour.

Piola is located at 1550 Wilson Boulevard, a mere 3 blocks from the Rosslyn Metro, so very easy to get to for those without cars or who prefer the Metro. Barring snow (please no, it’s supposed to be 80 out today, I don’t think I can take any more changes back to winter weather!), Matt and I will actually be there this time and I am much looking forward to attending as I enjoyed the first event we attended several months ago.

Happy Hour runs from 4pm-7pm (I always wondered why it was called Happy Hour if it ran for several hours….) and includes some great specials. Wine is half-price during Happy Hour and free snacks are provided, yum. The menu looks great, I am all about wood-fired pizza and inexpensive. I think the most expensive entree is $16.95, with most much less than that. The wine list is a little short, at least what is listed online, only about 10 wines total, so we shall see.

Please join me and our lovely leader Leah of DcGastronome at Happy Hour! Hope to see you there! I don’t know which suit yet, but I’ll be the blonde with bad roots (yes, still, havea n appointment next week) in a suit.

2003 Hanna Two Ranch Red

First off, this wine is not ready to drink without some serious time sitting out or in a decanter. It was hot and full of alcohol on the nose and I couldn’t get past that through our whole dinner.

After the alcohol dissipated, I could find the scent of raisins and spice. In the mouth there were plums, black pepper and black currants.

The bottle cost around $20, had a real cork closure and came in a club shipment. Matt tossed the bottle before I could write down what the alcohol content was.

This wine is made from grapes that are deemed not good enough to be made into Hanna’s Bismark Red. So I guess it’s reject grapes? Kind of interesting that they actually tell you on the website that the grapes didn’t make the cut for the better wine. I’m not so sure how I feel about that!

Overall, my assessment of this bottle is that it’s a simple, drinkable bottle of red table wine. There’s nothing remarkable about it, nor anything bad. But definitely let this one air out before trying to drink it!