2005 Mauritson Chardonnay

You don’t have to tell me that this was a terrible match with my dinner of homemade Hawaiian pizza. I knew that before I even served it. But the weather has me craving white wines and roses and my collection of roses is embarrasingly tiny at the moment, so I chose this instead, food and wine pairing be damned.

The wine was a Mauritson 2005 Chardonnay. It is 14.1% alcohol by volume, cost us $18.20 and had a read cork closure. It did not go well with pizza, but both were good in and of themselves (if I can compliment my own pizza skills!).

On the nose I found pears, green apples, and oak (but not overally so, just enough!). In the mouth, there were lots of green apples and eventually a reserved lemon flavor. Overall I would describe the wine as creamy and full-bodied
with a medium-long finish, good structure and acidity. But NOT good with pizza 🙂