Hop Kiln 2004 Generations Pinot Noir

I am blogging from the in-laws house for a few days, so my posts will be minus pictures as they are all loaded into my laptop and while I have it with me, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it work on a non-wireless network, having initially used a wizard to set it up that way. (Remember how long it took me to get features added in the side-bar here? Yeah, so computers are not really my thing!) Anyway, we will be heading to Sonoma soon and I am sure I will have plenty of material to write about from there!

Before we left I created a dinner out of all the things in our fridge that were not going to keep until we got back. That consisted of cherry tomatoes, gorganzola, fresh mozzarella and milk. So I decided to make a sauce with the gorganzola and the milk, cook up some pasta and throw in chopped tomatoes and mozzarella at the end. Worked fairly well. And with it I paired a Hop Kiln 2004 Generations Pinot Noir.

The bottle cost us $36, came in a club shipment and had a real cork closure. Actually, it probably cost less than $36, since that is what it is going for without a club discount, but who knows. Again, Matt tossed the bottle before I wrote down the alcohol content.

On the nose of this wine I found mint, eucalyptus, leather, raspberry and, if this makes any sense, morning forest. It had a very pleasant and aromatic nose and really only needed a minute or so for the alcohol to blow off. In the mouth there were cloves, raspberries, cherries, and almost a medicinal cherry taste. The wine was tannic, but smoothed out well over the course of the evening, however, I think it could definitely benefit from being cellared for a bit longer.

PS-Please excuse my typos for the next few days, I can’t find the feature on my mother in-law’s computer for spell-check on the internet.

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