WBW #33 Languedoc-Roussillon Value Wines

Wine Blogging Wednesday #33 had been announced by our host for this month, Marucs over at Doktor Weingolb. All the details can be found in his post here.

Our task is to pick a value wine, in the $15-$30 range only, from the Southern France region of Languedoc-Roussillon.

Our entries are due on May 16 and Marcus has requested that we simply post in the comment section of his announcement where our reviews are located. Easy enough. He is specifically looking for us to evaluate the cost-to-quality ratio of the wine we drink as the premise of this WBW is that the mid-range bottles are are the best values.

So I guess I will break out of my California zone and head on over to France for this WBW! I’ve already promised Marcus that I WILL play this time, as I had to sit the last WBW out. We’ll have closed on the house by the time this month’s rolls around, so while things will be crazy I am sure we will be drinking plenty of wine to celebrate! Off to the wine store I go!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Thank goodness–an interesting yet straightforward theme. Of course, even though I have 9 bottles of L-R wine, not one of them cost $15 or more, so I’m off to the wine store (again), too. Do you have Total Wine near you? They usually had a bang up selection of French stuff, or at least they did in N. Carolina.

  2. Thanks for the early anticipation guys!

    I’m actually requesting that people notify me via the comments link to my upcoming WBW post (which I will be creating shortly as a empty post-in-waiting) Too confusing? I actually didn’t want people to comment in my announcement post. I figured that way everyone’s entries will be in one spot until I get a round-up posted. It’s a bit of different idea than usual — quasi-wiki! Too crazy? I thought I would give it a shot.

  3. DrDebs, we do have Total Wine, but I have yet to visit them as the directions on how to get there make absolutely no sense to me. But since I have a while, maybe I will actually strike out and get there.

    Oops, sorry Marcus, I got confused, I thought you meant you wanted us to post in your original post notifying you. See what happens at such an early hour before I’ve had my coffee?

  4. I may join in this one also. I will be in Cincinnati at that time and I am sure I can find some nice ones to try. Also I was lucky back in the early 90’s to travel to France twice. Made friends with a doctor in Saumur who was raised there. Got to visit some caves and very personal friends of his and got to do tastings at the vineyards right out of the barrels. Oh, those were 2 trips of a lifetime!
    Jury duty over!!!!

  5. You should definitely participate winedeb. I really like WBW, but sadly couldn’t fit last month’s in.

  6. So I’ve never definitively found an online explanation of how WBWs work (how does the monthly theme rotate, anyway?), but they sure sound like a lot of fun! I think I’ll try to make this my inaugural WBW event!

    And Sonadora, I too recommend that you stop by Total Wine to browse through their selection – I go to the McLean location, and although a hassle to find initially it’s worth your effort, especially when trying to track down something so specific like this.

    I’ve found that Total Wine does a terrific job stocking Old World wines, particularly French. However, their California selection is a little thin to satisfy a California-transplant like me (or California wine lover as you appear to be).

  7. Nate, WBW was started by Lenn over at Lenndevours. He picks a blogger to host every month and that blogger picks the theme.

    I will definitely check out Total Wine!

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