Wine in Water Glasses

My inlaws just moved back into their home after completely demolishing their old house nearly two years ago and as a result have yet to find many of their possessions, including wine glasses. They don’t really drink, so my mother in-law was unsure if she even had wine glasses, but I know Matt and I have had a bottle of wine or two while visiting over the years and actually used wine glasses, so I’m sure they’ll turn up eventually.

One of the consequences of them tearing their house down was that all of Matt’s stuff (and his brother’s for that matter, some of which was mixed in with Matt’s, and I was delighted to discover at least a box or two that got to be put in his room instead of being destined to come home with us) was boxed up two years ago and put in storage. Our task while visiting was to go through 25 boxes, 1 wardrobe, 2 giant metal trunks and a suitcase worth of stuff. It was dusty and dirty and exhausting to convince Matt that we do not need all of his “treasures” from childhood. Comic book cards, really? That hobby was certainly not disclosed to me before we got married! In any event, all that unpacking left me looking for a refreshing bottle of wine, and I found it in one of the selections from Chronicle Wine Cellar.

The bottle was a 2006 Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. For only $7.95 I could not believe the wine that came out of this bottle. It clocked in at 13% alcohol by volume and was absolutely perfect and refreshing after a day of moving and sorting boxes.

I could smell the citrus jumping out of this bottle before I even poured it, and it made me want to get it in the glass as fast as possible. The nose was highly aromatic with lemons, tropical fruit and a steely note. In the mouth, pears, lemons and melons all competed for attention. Racing acidity and crisp fruit would be the best ways to describe the wine. It was light and great and I would buy it again in an instant. This is the best deal I’ve found in a while in terms of quality/price ratio and the style of the sauvignon blanc was right up my alley.

Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc. Yum yum yum.

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  1. Don’t let the Italians hear you call that a water glass! Some great Chiantis in classic Italian restaurants are served in tumblers.


  2. When I was in France in the early 90’s a couple of places we drank wine out of a “tumbler”. Cannot say it changed the wine a bit. Still awesome.
    And you go girl on the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs as they are my favorite wines!!!!!

  3. Well, they look like water glasses to me Joel!

    It’s an excellent season for the Sauvignon Blancs winedeb!

  4. First, as I told you, I don’t mind drinking wine from what I refer to as rocks glasses, especially when your other option is too-small wine glasses.

    Second, I’ve had and enjoyed the Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc myself, but since it was before the blog, I have no notes for it…. Will have to get it again, esp. at such a good price.

  5. I know Farley, I suppose it’s better than that, though I guess I like having the wine glass to twirl and being able to hold the stem rather than heat the wine up. It was certainly an excellent value in my opinion, I need to keep my eye out for it here as we are always on the lookout for readily available good deals.

  6. no no no. that matua valley piss is evil. take my word for it. my own ‘wine book’ has it as ‘standard wine flavour, vastly overpriced’. this is of course through the haze of a couple of bottles of it chasing some fizz at a wedding reception. if you’re going the savvy blonde route, grab a nobilo or a montana any day. i don’t know how available they are in the us, but here in the uk those nz babies are ambrosia to my £8 (about $16 i guess) pocket.

  7. no no no.this matua piss is no good. my ‘wine log’ has it classified as ‘standard wine flavour, vastly overpriced’… all this through the usual fug of a couple of bottles… if you’re going for nz savvy blondes, try the montana or the nobilo, both absolute corkers and ambrosia to my £8 (about $16 i guess) pocket. love the blog, thanks, i’m a similar imbiber.

  8. i’m clearly bipolar and drunk

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