What’s in a Name?

I haven’t seen a lot of writing about this particular win some free wine contest, so I thought I’d bring it to the attention of anyone who might be interested.

Wine Weekly posted an article last week about a winery in Washington State that is running a contest to name their winery. The Winery is slated to open in 2008 and will be a part of the Woodinville Wine Village. According to a Seattle Times article, the wine village will be home to four wineries, shops, restaurants, hotels, condos, etc.

The idea behind the contest is that you submit your entry through the website of the Washington Wine Company, and if your name is chosen you win 2 cases of their wine every year for a decade. From what Wine Weekly says, you have until May 30 to submit your ideas for a name.

Other details seem to be scant, though it appears they make 3 red wines and currently have a few (virtual?) pictures of what the tasting room will look like when completed. Free wine seems like a good idea to me, and I always think it’s interesting to see how wineries create buzz about themselves among consumers, so I pass this along to all you creative geniuses out there in case you have a brilliant idea!

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  1. I saw the name the winery contest too on some other blog and sent in a couple of names. Truth be told the last thing I need is more wine, even if free, and the grand prize is 10 years worth of free wine!

    Best, Barrld

  2. Yes, but it’s free wine…I feel like there’s always room somewhere for free wine! 🙂

  3. Sonadora–I must concede that free does have a ring to it. If I win, which is very doubtful, I’m sure I can find something to do with the free cases.

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